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Vacation Ideas You Might Need

If the word vacation to you means going abroad, then you’ve come to the right article. We understand that vacations are rare to come, especially when we’ve become a slave to a company, which means we have to get in at nine and go back at five, and not to mention if there’s traffic we can get stuck for hours and hours. If you’re finally getting the vacation that you need, we have listed some places you can go to depending on what you want. If you’re curious about the places, consider reading this article to know more about the areas that we suggested.

Land of Skincare, Korea

SkincareIf you love taking care of your skin, there’s no better place than going to Korea, the land of skincare. If you don’t know it yet, we’re going to tell you that Korean skincare is much gentler on the skin, which is perfect if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. If the price is a problem, worry not as the skincare products are much cheaper than western skincare products. Not to mention that they sell things in bulk or in a package, which is perfect if you want to give the products as a gift or souvenirs.

A diversity of Cuisine, Indonesia

If you want to taste much diversity of cuisine, consider going to Indonesia. Indonesia is so diverse that they have a lot of style in cooking, for example, if you like fried rice, they have Indonesia-style fried rice that you can find anywhere on the streets. Or perhaps you want to try something new, consider trying rendang, which is a lump of meat drowned in sauce, which might seem a bit strange at first but we guarantee you that you’re going to love it.

Tip: Find what food style you want from Indonesia, and then search for what city you have to go to, this will ensure that you get the original taste.

With Love, France

SightseeingIf you want to go to the city of love, Paris might be the ideal place where you want to go. With lots of tourist spots and a lot of places for sightseeing, you might want to give France a try. For example, you can fill your Instagram with pictures of Eiffel tower, or go to the Notre-Dame de Paris for sightseeing. Make sure to do your research or make an itinerary, which will ensure you that you won’t stray from your original plan.